• The AcoustaGrip has no clamps that mute the violin’s sound.
  • The AcoustaGrip increases the volume of sound and adds better quality with more overtones.
  • The AcoustaGrip is very comfortable, ergonomically designed and stays attached with air.
  • The AcoustaGrip gives a secure hold for the violinist or violist and attaches repeatedly on & off.
  • The AcoustaGrip sticks without glue or clamps with no damage to the varnish, edges or back of your violin or viola.
  • The AcoustaGrip fits easily inside the instrument case, resting over the bridge to keep your instrument securely in place.
  • The AcoustaGrip protects your chin, neck and collarbone from sores and marks and alleviates the shoulder pain and restrictive movement of rigid, vice-gripping traditional shoulder rests.