LYRA STRINGS現主要經營自家品牌LSV小提琴,在國內自設工作室並與其他工廠有緊密的合作關係,公司十分注重樂器質量和聲音,所有提琴到港後均經過調整及調音,方可售賣。 Lyra Strings另外有售賣國外進口作坊級高檔小提琴及各種歐洲舊琴。同時經營零售和批發弦樂樂器及配件,現為知名國際品牌Thomastik、 Infeld、 Pirastro、Larsen、 Jagar 等琴弦代理,琴弓Braccio代理,另還有各個國際品牌的提琴配件,例如琴盒(Bam、Gewa、Toyo Gakki )、肩托、松香(Leatherwood)等。

目前LYRA STRINGS 國際貿易, 將品牌出口到世界各地,包括; 美國, 日本, 台灣, 中國, 泰國, 菲律賓, 新加坡, 越南, 馬來西亞等等

Our company is located in the San Po Kong and near the Plaza Hollywood and only 5-minute route from the Diamond Hill Station to our company.

Our own brand is called LSV violin and we cooperate tightly with the musical instruments factory of China. We very concern the acoustic qualities of the instruments. When all the instruments are arrived to Hong Kong, they must be carried out the fine adjustment before selling to ensure the qualities.

Advanced workshop violins from other countries, the European antique violins and the famous international musical goods such as strings (Thomastik Infeld, Pirastro, Larsen, Jagar), bows (Braccio), cases (Bam, Pedi, Swenk, Lang), rosins and shoulder rests are available in our website.

All products have a teacher wholesale price. We are welcome you to ask the details if any there are any inquiries and we are looking forwards to cooperate with you for a long term.

*We are happy to help you order the goods that are not available in our stock from other companies and countries.

*All accessories offer the shipping service.