1. 順時針將弓尾的螺絲旋出後,弓毛庫亦可拆出


  1. 如圖示將握弓器套入弓杆


  1. 先將弓毛庫插回,再逆時針將弓尾的螺絲旋入孔中



The Kapaier Bow Grip Partner is a device designed specifically for practicing bow skills. It is an attachment that can be attached to a violin or cello bow and is designed to help violinists improve their bow holding technique and finger position.
Designed to help fiddlers establish correct bow holding posture and correct some common technical problems such as excessive finger bending, unstable holding, etc. It is usually made of a soft yet durable material that is compatible with the bow and fastens in the desired position.
When in use Kapaier Bow Grip Partners , the fiddler can secure it to the holding area of ​​the bow, and it usually provides some additional holding points or support points to help the fiddler better grasp the bow. This helps the fiddler maintain proper finger positioning and develop a stable grip.
Typically recommended for beginners and fiddlers who have technical issues with bow holding. It can be used as a practice tool to help the fiddler establish the correct bow holding posture and gradually develop good bow holding skills. During use, fiddlers should also pay attention to the guidance of a teacher or expert to ensure correct technical development.
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